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Ming Sun

Ming Sun / November 28, 2022

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This cheatsheet is summarized from the training material provided on Simplis website. Please refer to Ref. [1] for more detailed information.

Most often used bindkeys in Simplis

mplace a 3-terminal N-type MOSFET
4place Z-shaped resistor
vplace DC voltage supply
wplace waveform generator
gplace ground
dplace diode
cplace capacitor
lplace inductor
shift + mouse drag + deleteselect and delete the wires inside a symbol boundary

Set the default simulator to Simplis

Go to File => Options => General.... Then choose SIMPLIS as the Initial Simulator. Then click OK to apply the change.

Simplis options

POP Maximum period settings[2]

In the following, we can see that the Maximum period is set to be 2.2µs, which is 110% of the steady-state period (fsw=500kHz)

The maximum period parameter limits the solution space in which POP searches for a steady state condition. The maximum period parameter must be greater than the switching period but it is recommended that it not be set to more than two times the switching period[2].

POP analysis settings

Bode plot

The Bode Plot Probe (Gain/Phase) w/ Measurements can be used to measure the loop transfer function bode plot.

Bode Plot Probe


Terminal behaves as the labels in Cadence or Spectre environment. Basically, the nets connected to the Terminal with the same terminal name is considered to be the same net.

References and materials

[1] SIMPLIS Tutorial

[1] Set up the POP Analysis

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