Dynamic Grid in Visio

Ming Sun

Ming Sun / May 12, 2021

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Dynamic grid guides assist in the sizing, spacing and alignment of shapes in relation to one another. First we need to turn on the dynamic grid option under the View tab.

Visio dynamic grid option

What does it mean by dynamic grid?

As shown in the screenshot below, whhen we move the circle towards the rectangle, the dynamic grid guides show up and help us to better align the circle with the rectangle.

Visio dynamic grid option

We can also use the Spacing Options... under the Home tab to set the distance that smart space applies between shapes.

position option

Change the spacing options to 1 inch.

position option

Then, when we move the circle close to the rectangle the double green arrow will show up. If we drop the circle, the circle will be exactly 1 inch away from the rectangle. This feature really helps you to position multiple object on the page.


If you'd prefer to try it yourself, you can download the Visio file here.

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