Voltage or Current Mode for Switching Regulators?

Ming Sun

Ming Sun / October 20, 2021

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Voltage mode Buck
Fig. 1Voltage-mode Buck block diagram[2]

Voltage Mode Buck Block Diagram

Fig. 1 shows a Voltage-Mode Buck converter, where it contains asynchronous power stage, feedback resistor, Type-III compensator and PWM controller.

Pros of Current mode
The beauty of the current mode control is that the LC complexed pole is gone. [3].
CCM and DCM have almost the same crossover frequency and phase margin in the frequency domain [3]
Cons of Voltage mode
It is difficult to come up with a comenpsator that will take care of both CCM and DCM [3].
The compensation of voltage model controller is more complicated than current mode.
Slow large signal response compared with current mode [3].
Relatively higher overshoot during the start up [3]


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